Simply wet it and sweat it! Feel the cooling difference – up to 30% cooler than skin when wet. Wrap them around your neck pulled up over your chin or wrapped around your head. Wear them during sports, work, play, and leisure. 
To activate, simply expose to water until complete wet, squeeze out excess water and massage slightly. Wear and enjoy. This product must remain moist to be cool. Simply perspire (sweat) on the product or wet it again to maintain the cooling feature. Machine washable and the cooling fabric feature never washes out. They are reusable time and again.

Our Bandoogators are made of the finest, state-of-the-art cooling fabric available. This product utilizes fabric made from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic(our plastic bottles and the like) that absorb, circulate, wick moisture and evaporate. No refrigeration is necessary. One size fits most. Made in the USA of imported materials.

Please note: Results may vary due to temperature, climate humidity, level of saturation and overall body temperature. Humid climates may affect the coolness of this product. Not recommended for children or pets. Adult supervision advised. Keep away from flames. Blubandoo Incorporated will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the failure of the product.