I got a Bandoo cap about 20 years ago in L.A. and thru the years with all the frays and stains(as seen here), it still keeps me cool like my new one. I've wear it here in Henderson, NV on my morning runs when the temps can get
to 100 deg. plus, which is often!  It's a great product. Nothing compares.
Ray C., Henderson, NV
As a valet in steamy and extremely humid Central Florida, it is so important to remain cool, while constantly running for 8 hours in the hot sun. My neighbor gifted me a Blubandoo, as her husband also works outside all day in 100°+ heat, and he loves his. I promptly ordered 4-5 more. It is a lifesaver! Ladies - for those of you who are going through “the change,” (like me), I’d consider Blubandoo to be a must-have!
Kori W, Tampa, FL
"I bought a few of these(Neckbandoos) while vacationing in the Grand Tetons and I am wearing them now during my current wildland assignment ,fighting the fires in No. California. They work GREAT and I recommend them to other fire fighters. You can use them anytime or even during your rest period, I refresh them in a little water to make them cooler. We just throw them in the ice chest water for a few seconds. Don’t leave them in water though too long though, just refresh them.”
Mark M.

No California Fire Dept.

Helibase Crash Rescue Standby
“I was a teacher in the American International School of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when I discovered Blubandoo neck ties. In 100-150 degree heat, they kept us cool on a daily basis, both on supervision and outdoor activities. I highly recommend them as they really do work!”
Barbara F. Saudi Arabia
We are fans of Blubandoo at the Saratoga Track. We love Blubandoo!
Tom(customer) and Jim(Pari-Mutuel Clerk) Saratoga, FL
I love all your products, though bandana my favorite for gardening. I have MS, and heat exacerbates symptoms. Your cooling products help me love summer. Thank you!
Rabbi Shaina Bacharach
“I got one last summer. I have no air in my delivery truck and it saved me! I drive all through Southern California for deliveries.”
Blake L
“Just wanted to let you know that Mari, Sunny and I love our visors. The visors keep us cool, are easy to wear and very comfortable. We tried them out at the desert (photos attached) and have used them in the Bay Area. Great product and it works! Many thanks.”
Rita K
"Here we are in Petra, Jordan. Nice and cool in your neckwear and hats.”
Diane & David R. Laguna Niguel, CA
“I loved your hat at a 4th of July 5k run this weekend. It was fun and kept me nice and cool!!”
Christina L. , Newport Beach, CA
I love your product. I bought my first Brim at the Grand Canyon National park 6 years ago and have never purchased another hat since. Perfect for Tucson’s brutal sun.
Regina, Tuscon, AZ
Attending the fiesta under the Philippine sun is a much cooler experience with my BluBandoo visor.
I love your Bandoobrim visor! This is the BEST KEPT SECRET in your product line. It is very hot here and this is the first thing in my beach bag. I wear it wherever I go. I've been wearing your visors for years and this is my third one!
Christine S, Wilmington, NC

 I got my order today and am thrilled you haven’t changed a thing on the white cap. Here's what 20 years looks like! My original one still works but, now I will have one for dirty jobs and for out and about. Thank you!
Rebecca M., Kansas City, MO
I love your visors(Bandoobrims) and their wide brim for running and when I am outdoors hiking. If I get caught in the sun, it keeps me cool and sun protected. I haven’t found a brim as wide as yours. So many brims are skinny and don’t give me the sun protection I need. I have previously purchased your Sports Capbandoo too. I am going to try your Neckbandoo next. I love Blubandoo! I’m so happy you are still in business since 1993. Thank you and congrats!!!
Michele W. Corona, CA
That is great customer service, thank you so much. I am slowly spreading the Blubandoo word here in the UK! I normally use my neck bandoo whilst golfing in San Diego but at the moment I’m using it whilst running because we are having abnormally hot weather here in the UK ! The four I have just purchased are for running/triathlon/golfing friends so I don’t have to keep sharing mine !!
Kind regards, Fiona, UK
My wife is a big believer! She takes her Blubandoo product wherever she goes. When she goes outside in the heat, she feels faint, so she put the product on and she feels better. I use them for my skin cancer issues. I am follically challenged and susceptible to skin cancer and these Blubandoo products really help me!
Andrew F, NYC, NY
Laguna Niguel, CA Annual Golf Tournament enjoys Blubandoo products!
St. Timothy’s Parish
We live in Dallas and it always hot here. We garden and we put them on in the morning and we stay cool longer. Thank you for your great customer service!
Bruce P, Dallas, TX
I think you have a great Bandoobrim product. In addition to the cooling aspect, I really like how soft the headband is and how flexible the visor is. Most visors aren’t as wide and leave part of my face exposed, plus the band is usually stiff and uncomfortable. Yours covers much more of my face, plus I can move it around to the side to shade my face to block the sun. I can also cover the top of my ears with the band. The actual material in my visor is in perfect shape…it’s just really faded from the Tucson sun. Great product in addition to the cooling!
Regina, Tuscon, AZ
I bought these for my friends at the barn. During haying season, we must wear long sleeves and long pants to prevent from being cut by the hay. They helped cool us down during the 80-90 degree temps. They love them!
Cindy W., Brewerton, NY
“We are very happy with them. They sell and everyone like them especially our PCTs(Pacific Trail Hikers)!” per Joan Hawthorne
McArthur Burney
“I have a niece living in Phoenix and she sent me 3 pieces for some friends in my golfclub. Perhaps you know that we had an extremely hot summer (in Germany), sometimes 40 ° C, unusual for our our area and my Blubandoo helped me to survive when playing Golf. ( Ha, ha ). So long.”
“I bought my Bandoobrims at local retailer and searched for more. I was happy to have found them on your website. They are great for hiking, especially in California, where I wear them in the morning and the evening when I walk with my friends. I like the looks of it. It has great style and when I find something I like, I keep going back for more. It is great for travel. It lays flat in the suitcase and comes out perfect every time! Anyone that is going to a warm climate or cruise you needs some kind of a visor and this one is ideal.
Emily K, Long Beach, CA
Nancy L. of Palm Desert purchased a pretty new Bandoobrim to keep her cool today. Nancy stated, “It was so sad to let my old one go!”
Nancy L.
Here’s the Meyer sisters; Patty, Tracy, Janet and Barb, aptly titled “The COOLEST sisters in Palm Springs”, are suited up with Blubandoo products while in Palm Springs on October 17th. Temperatures reached the high 90s.
Patty, Tracy, Janet and Barb, Palm Springs, CA
Here’s MaryEllen staying cool in her Blubandoo Neckbandoo while on Fox News during the Canonization of Father Sierra at the San Juan Capistrano Mission, CA. You look marvelous MaryEllen!
“This is the best product I have used in the past 30 years, since I was diagnosed with MS. Believe me, I have tried several. It is easy to use at home and while travelling. It comes in many different fabrics/styles for both men and women and is quite affordable.”
Marissa O, Orange County California
“I’m surprised at how well they did. People go hiking and bike riding and they flew out of the store. We need to reorder!”
Bert A, Stateline, NV
“Here I am in Lourdes, France keeping cool in my favorite Blubandoo Bandoobrim.”
Ana D, Laguna Beach, CA
“All summer long I’m going to keep one (Neckbandoo) hydrated at the counter so I can chat it out and steer them to our Blubandoo visors and caps nearby.” Cindy has reordered five times since May, 2015
Cindy A, Portland, OR
“Our customers love Blubandoo products! They are flying off the shelf as people are trying to combat the heat wave that is plaguing Vancouver.”
James M, Vancouver Canada
“Keeping cool with my Blubandoo visor and neck band at Universal Studios. Love your products!”
Violet W-S, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA
“Thank you for getting back to me and, to my surprise, I received the order yesterday afternoon. You must have driven it to my house! I will be in your neck of the woods for four days this weekend. We are taking our entire family (kids, grandkids and great grandkids) to Disneyland, 27 in total. It will be hot and keeping up with all of those young people will be difficult and most likely will increase the temperature! Thanks again and we have been using your product for two years and it really helps in keeping us cool.”
Bernie S, Meadow Vista, CA
“I first purchased my Blubandoo from a concession stand at a little league baseball game more than 13 years ago. I still use it today on our farm. It is still just as effective today as it was when I first purchased it. I like it so much that I’ve decided to sell them in my farm supply and feed store. I hope my customers like them as much as I do! Thanks Blubandoo!!”
B. Capps, Kellyville, OK
“We ordered at a March Trade Show and have already placed a reorder. The product is selling very well! Customers really love the unisex hat designs and the added benefit of the cooling effect.”
As a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in North Carolina, I make a very few select products available for my clients–products that I have personally tried and can fully recommend . BluBandoo neckbandoos are one of them. I thank you, and my clients thank you for this innovative and well made product!
Deborah Pilkington, LMBT(NC#63) Durham, NC
I just wanted to say my family LOVES our neck bandoos and I really appreciated the excellent service I received when there was a problem with my order. I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you so much for a great product and your great customer service.
Sincerely, D. Ramos
We received our order yesterday. WOW!! That was FAST!! My daughter had soccer practice in the afternoon and used the headband to keep cool. I’m delighted with your products and plan to order more in the future! I showed my neckband to a girlfriend today and she says she’s GOT to have one, so you’ll probably be getting an order from her soon. Wore my neckband all day today (95+ degrees!) and it really helped!
Thanks again, D. Powers
Thank you for your call on Friday. Once again, Lisa and I are extremely happy with the products BluBandoo generously provided for us earlier this year. We have used the neck bandoos and baseball hats for two extremely hot races (one in Morocco and one in Provo, Utah) and for a training camp in the Galapagos with great success. Lisa utilized the neck bandoo for both races and was very happy with the product’s cooling effect. As a crew member, I was happy not to have to constantly load ice cubes into a bandana; it was much easier soaking the neck bandoo in ice cold water! It is a very simple, convenient and functional item to transport and use during our ultramarathon events.
J. Batchen
I just had to write to thank you for sending the hat to me so quickly. I ran the Covered Bridges Half Marathon today in Quechee, VT (beautiful!!!) and it saved me!! It was 88 degrees and the humidity was 90%. There were 4 of us friends who ran together and we all wore blubandoo hats, headbands and neckbandoos. Other racers kept asking us about them! Thank you so much for your great friendly service and products!!
M.H, Bedford, NH
Hello, Wanted to let you know, how pleased we are with your products and delivery. The order was placed online around 8 pm on Tuesday and on the front porch when we got home on Thursday. All of the items came with our first choice of material. Your neckbandoos are well made and look great. The visor will be a great help in handling the heat, without staying in side.
Well Be Back!
K. Morgan, Westlake, CA
I’ve had your visor for 3 years now and I wanted you to know holds up well. I use it for running and when I ride my bike 6 miles to the beach. When there, I also use it as a sun visor. It folds up easily, I really like the soft brim. Others visors have plastic or cardboard which are not comfortable, I’m buying 3 more and have given them to my friends. It’s very handy!
A. Parker
The Phoenix Rescue Mission made attempts to call around to different manufactures in the country. You were at the top of the list and were gracious enough to donate your product. This year (Summer, 2005), we lost 15-19 people due to heat related issues. Your product was a life saver to many-many people men and women who had no other way of cooling off. Definitely lives were saved. Many thanks!
Chaplain Joseph
I love New Orleans but many days, the heat and humidity are close to unbearable. Add to that, my tendency to get heat exhaustion or heat stroke easily. The BLUBANDOO products allow me to spend time outdoors in the heat. I just pop on a bandoobrim and neckbandoo to match…and I’m on the way outdoors. I don’t overheat…and I’m looking quite fashionable to boot! My hot, overheated friends, are quite jealous. BLUBANDOO, YOU MAKE MY LIFE SO MUCH BETTER!
Zoey from the Big Easy
I have a thyroid problem of body temp staying at 99.7 to 100.7 or sometimes higher. I am an auctioneer, doing outside auctions. After using these Blubandoo products, they have helped me tremendously, being able to stay in the heat, as I have passed out in the past from the heat. So the Blubandoo products have helped me do my job more successfully.
Linda W. Eden, NC