Cooling Safari Hatbandoo with Water Activated Cooling Crystals | Unisex | UPF 50+Sun Protection | Army Camouflage | Hand Washable

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There is no need to wear a wet product or sweat to keep cool. Our proven products remain cool for hours, even days after they dry to the touch!**
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Our cooling Bandoo is constructed right into the hat to create surround-the-head cooling performance. This oversized brim meets and exceeds dermatologist’s recommended brim size. This hat was designed specifically for our park and zoo enthusiasts, but you’ll love it’s fashionable styling too! We’ve added grommets to allow more top-of-the-head air-flow and an adjustable draw-cord to keep it snugly on your head during windy days. The Safari Hatbandoo is constructed with 55% cotton and 45% linen to give it a slightly rugged Safari appearance while remaining soft and comfortable. Unisex sizing S/M and L/XL and XXL-->.

All Blubandoo cooling headwear contains our exclusive, high performance, non-toxic polymer cooling crystals made for us, to our specifications, for this exact application. Our cooling crystals evolve into a gel when immersed in water. Within minutes your  Safari Hatbandoo will completely dry to the touch, yet the active gel will remain hydrated and cool the wearer, due to evaporation, for several days before ly returning to its original crystal state. No refrigeration is necessary and all of our high-quality Blubandoos products are reusable and hand-washable time and again.

Many Blubandoo products are made in the USA however, some of our products are made elsewhere to provide you with the best pricing available. We use the finest fabrics available and 5-minute high performance, reusable crystals for optimum performance.

**Please note: high humidity can affect the cooling effects of evaporative cooling products.

Safari Hatbandoo Unisex Sizing:

Unisex size extra small usually fits approximately size 6 1/4 to 6 3/4 hat size(head circumference 21 2/8” – 21 5/8” (in Moss and Natural colors)


Unisex size small/medium usually fits approximately size 7 to 7-1/4 hat size(head circumference 21 7/8” – 22 5/8)”

Unisex size large/extra large usually fits approximately size 7-3/8 to 7-5/8(head circumference 23” – 24 3/8”) hat size

Unisex size XXL is approximately 64-65cm and fits approximately 8-8 1/8 hat size. Please note, size XXL is only available in colors Natural and Moss.


Our Safari Hatbandoos are oversized to allow for the crystals to swell. By leaving it in the water a little more or a little less you can adjust the swelling of the band thus adjust the size. Please note, it is always better to purchase a slightly larger size if you are between sizes. This will allow the needed room for the product to swell when hydrated. We also suggest you check it occasionally as you are hydrating to create a perfect fit for you.